Custom Ultralight Half Frame Bags

Prices Start from AU$125 - please email me to place an order

Ultralight Half Frame Bags


​​For those who still want to have bottle cages. Made to fit road bikes as well as mountain bikes.

Half bags start from $125AU.

I build stripped down Type R Racer Boy version of these bags. Tyno Hawke is testing the design during his assault on the Trans Continental Race. It will end up sub 100grams for sure.

If any of my products come apart in anyway - send it back and I will either fix it (if it is a strap) or replace it if it is the bag or the zip. The bags have 3 seams around them and the zips have 2 each side. Extra runs with the machine on all zip ends and tabs. Try and keep the X Pac bags out of the sunlight when storing as it will prolong the life according to fabric specs.


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