Handlebar Rolls

Handlebar Rolls

Fully lined bar rolls - sling sold separately.
They are 3 layers of fabric. 1 layer is the high wear middle section. The other 2 layers are sandwiched together with 3M Venture tape at the seams. Multiple layers gives more protection against tears and rips....from bears or goannas.
Added mounting straps can be added to suit Jones Bars or Baryak's (Baryak's are sold direct - http://www.baryak.com/#baryak



Bar Rolls (require slings to mount): 


17cm Diameter: $190 - suits road bikes and small mountain bikes. 


22cm Diameter: $200 - the most common size for Mtb - doesn't need extra support structures like a bar yak.

25cm Diameter: $210 - Can... just... be used on a Mtb without a Baryak. You would need to pack it light and be on sedate terrain to go unsupported. More commonly used in Winter Ultra races in America for -20 sleeping bags.


28cm Diameter: $220 - Needs a Baryak for sure. This is a -40F sleeping bag used in Winter Ultras

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