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Handlebar Rolls

Handlebar Rolls - are a separate piece to the sling that is needed to mount them on the bars

Fully lined, waterproof bar rolls in multiple sizes are available to order.

They are 3 layers of fabric. 1 layer is the high wear middle section. The other 2 layers are sandwiched together with high quality seam tape. Multiple layers give more protection against tears and rips....from bears or goannas.


Bar Rolls (require slings to mount): 


17cm Diameter: $190 - suits road bikes and small mountain bikes. 


22cm Diameter: $200 - the most common size for Mtb - 

25cm Diameter: $210 - Made to carry large sleep systems with the aid of either Jones bars (or something similar, like a Baryak.\

More commonly used in Winter Ultra races in America for -20 sleeping bags.


28cm Diameter: $220 - Needs a Baryak for sure. This is a -40F sleeping bag used in Winter Ultras

Please email me to place an order
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